Lightening, Lottos and the Vatican – Part 1

vatican facebook - Get a load of this, people…

That’s lightning striking the very top of St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican.

And not just on any day.  This happened on February 11th, 2013, a mere few hours after Pope Benedict became the first Pope in 600 years to resign.   How very odd, that something like this would happen on such an historic day.   According to various reports, it actually struck there twice.  Go ahead and click on the image, if you want to see a short video of the event.

Now, some ‘skeptics’ say this must be a random coincidence because lightning strikes large buildings ‘all the time’.  (Although surely, some Germans would disagree…)

But if this is true, then surely there ought to be various other photos and videos of the Vatican dome being struck online – since it is one of the most photographed buildings on the planet.  Apparently 3,8 million people visited the Vatican in 2005.

Let’s crunch some numbers then.  Assume that on average 4 million people a year go there.  That works out to 11,000 people a day, many of whom will be toting cameras and smart phones with video cameras  You would think there would be a ton of pics from people online, as in, “Hey, I was at St. Peter’s Square, and lightning struck!” Likewise with lightening hitting all of those other major sites that tourists go to — if this ‘rebuttal’ has any substance at all.

I couldn’t find any such evidence.  But then again, maybe I didn’t look in the right places.  So, to those who believe this explanation, let the rest of us know your findings.  I will be happy to post them here.

Alternatively, of course, the lightning strike could be a sign.

If so, what can we infer?  It seems obvious that this ‘macrosync’ was  choreographed by someone who (a) has the ability to manipulate the weather to the point that it can direct when and where lightening occurs and (b) who wanted to make a statement to many people that ‘it’ knew what was going on around St. Peter’s Square on that VERY historic day.

Now, think about this:  If the lightning strike was ‘meant to be’ seen, then the likely target audience is much greater than 1 billion Catholics, since the Pope’s resignation was global news.

One question I have learned to ask is this:

‘*If* an event was targeted for discreet intervention, then might a related future event also be synced?  I have learned that asking this question often leads to very fruitful results, or what I call ‘relational’ design..

Here’s how that idea translated  to me, in this case:

“If the resignation of Pope Benedict was targeted for intervention, then might there also be another strong hint of intervention relating to the election of the new Pope, Francis I?”  In other words, the connecting link in this case was a shared theme – the ending of one Papal reign, and the beginning of another. 

When I find evidence of this sort of thing, I think of it as ‘relational’ design.  It’s as if the designer is carrying on a conversation.

Surely enough, it took me all of about a minute to find such evidence,’, through an event that took place in Pope Francis’ homeland, Argentina.

It turns out that the new Pope is a hardcore fan of the Argentine soccer club, San Lorenzo.  So much so, that in 2008 he became a member of the official fan club and was given ID number 88235On the day he was elected Pope, members of the fan club blasted his ID membership online.  Little did they know that they were setting the table for another macrosync.

Later that day  the winning numbers for the Argentina national lottery was 8235, as shown in the photo below… And you can bet that got people’s attention.


If this is the second part of a two-part message, then the designer, who demonstrated the ability to control the weather at the Vatican in the first case, has now shown that it has the ability to infiltrate one of the most closely guarded industries known to man – the gaming industry.

In this case we can be assured that almost all of the 40 million Argentinians would have heard that news, and, that the news would have spread throughout the surrounding region quickly, significantly increasing the number of those who heard the news.

We may also ask, “What are the odds?!”  Such a common phrase when it comes to this topic…

It seems that the chance odds are 1 in  5,000.

Of 10,000 four-digit combinations, a match of the first four OR last four digits of Pope Francis’s ID would have been equally striking, 8823 or 8235.  This works out to 2 chances in 10,000 possibilities, or 1 in 5,000.

But this only tells part of the story.

As discussed in this blog post ‘macro’ syncs require prominence.   It is essential that the lottery result occurred in Pope Francis native land of Argentina.   (Think of how meaningless this news would have been to most people if the lottery result had occurred in Ireland, Singapore or Zimbabwe?)

One way of looking at this part of the equation is that there are a little over 200 nations in the world.  Since 200 is a nice round number, let’s go with that.

By this measure, the chance that the lotto result we are considering would occur on the day that Pope Francis was elected, in his country, is therefore about 1 in 5,000 x 1 in 200.  Or,  1 in a million.

Maybe we would have been almost as impressed, if the same numbers came up in the Italian lottery.  That would mean two countries qualified, and the odds would have been cut  to 1 in 500,000.

Either way: Fat chance.
And so it could be argued, on the grounds of improbability, that the ‘designer’ wanted to make two statements – one before potential audience in the billions, and the second, to one numbering in the tens of millions, but possibly more, if news of the lotto results made the rounds in Latin America.

When one thinks in these terms, it could be said that the ‘designer’ was making a couple of ‘big’ statements on these occasions, through acts of discreet intervention.    Oftentimes, I have found that when this sort of thing arises, other hints of the improbable are found nearby.

It’s as if the designer is adding ‘reinforcements’, in order to  encourage the idea that something very nonrandom is going on.  And when it comes to the Vatican anomalies, this is certainly the case.  And that’s where I’ll be going in the second part of this post. 

Mark Grant
Author:  A Tale of Two Synchronicities – Mapping Hidden Event Horizons

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About Mark Grant

This blog is based on the study of Carl Jung's synchronicity, primarily as that applies to mass consciousness. I have written a book on the subject called A Tale of Two Synchonicities, which can be found at my website -
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5 Responses to Lightening, Lottos and the Vatican – Part 1

  1. Mark Grant,

    Wow, you’ve done it yet again…showing through simple, nonpartisan observations that all things are interconnected.

    Thanks for this clear and compelling contribution!

  2. Carlos says:

    Hello Mark!

    I am new to your work A-Tale-of-Two-Synchronicities and must say it is absolutely amazing for its main focus. I have downloaded your book and would like to ask you, is it free of charge to ask for a print sample? (I am asking you this because I have seen it been sold by the Internet)

    I would like to comment related to the magical number of the Pope (we can call that), 88235.

    I am a fan believer of Astrology, and here it is my comment: 8+8+2+3+5 = 8.
    The planets have their own number, a number which vibrates with their inner nature. The number “8” if you try to write it with a pen, is an endless spiral, two serpents together. Saturn was known as the God Kronos on the Greek mythology, and Kronos means TIME, which is also endless like the infinite symbol of “8”
    “As the clock strikes “8”pm in Italy, the retirement of the first Pope for 600 years has taken effect.(The Guardian)”
    Pope Francis was born on the 17 (= 8)

    Every person acts like a magnet bringing similar vibration to his surround.

    “The designers”, as you called them, are the ones who know how to use the sacred numbers of nature to do their job done.
    Please look for the Carnival Triumph cruise AND the meteor on Russia´s events. They happen to “arrive” almost at the same time (Kronos)
    Did you notice that the first space mission was named Apollo 8, and the second Apollo 11 ! (8 and 11 “work” together)

    Thank you for what you have searched :)

  3. Mark Grant says:

    Hi Carlos, and thanks for your interest…

    First, about my book… When you say you’ve downloaded my book, are you referring to the sample chapters found here? You may be able to get a free copy, because I have set it up for international distribution through libraries. It would be up to your local library, but you can ask. Go here to find out how, by clicking on the ‘borrow’ link…
    Also, you can get a Kindle version for $4.44 here, or a hardcopy for $12,87 US, plus about $3 for postage (in the US) although the hardcopy version can be ordered anywhere from here.

    Thanks for sharing your insights on numerology. I have often wondered if numbers really do have inherent values. This often comes up in relation to the Fibonacci sequence for me. Feel welcome to shoot me a line via my email if you would like to follow up on the discussion regarding the Carnival cruise and the Russian meteor, if you’d like to share…

    Finally, you may want to check the very end of Part 2 of the Vatican post. A reader notified me with a suggestion regarding the Pope’s ID number and those two lotto numbers… I just added a footnote before reading your comment. The latest result leads to Fatima, 1917.

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